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The Ultimate Listicle

Every week as Friday comes and goes, I wonder if my blog post had any sort of impact on someone. I can only hope this gives you an easy, enjoyable coffee or nap time read. We appreciate each and every one of our clients and supporters more than you know. We have filled our schedule with tons of events and exciting changes, I can't wait to tell you about them.

First let me start by explaining what a listicle is, it's an article in the form of a list. There, now let's get into what's coming up next week!

The Listicle

  1. Vacation

  2. What were working on

  3. Ribbon cutting event/ studio redesign reveal

  4. Best shots of the week


#1 Vacation

Sorry, that should actually say …

#1 MARGGIE'S 40th Birthday.

Yep , boss girl is turning 40. Feel free to mess with her now that she's old! I feel old, just being a 23 year old. Ya girls are getting up there! Although she's turning 40, she's so much younger than me at heart! You want to have a good time and really PARTAY, she's the girl to call! Her big 4 0 celebration is taking place in Las Vegas! I am honestly nervous for her! One of the 80 people joining her celebration, please bring her back safely :)

Since Marggie is out celebrating a well deserved vacation and birthday, I decided this would be a perfect time to go visit my niece! I get to see such sweet little babies and families all the time, it makes me miss my own little family out in Denver. Thankfully the timing is perfect and I will be snuggling that muffin in a few short days! She's almost 6 months already, that means she's basically One. Time goes by way too fast!

Side note: I am trying to get Marggie to agree to a 40th birthday photoshoot (it's always hard to get her In front of the camera). I think it could be like a cake smash, but a little more vibey. I drove past this wall on my way to the studio one morning and thought….THIS WOULD BE PERFECT!

industrial teal wall for photoshoots in downtown lakeville
the perfect industril backdrop

I'm thinking black dress, her waterbug sunglasses, and maybe a bottle of champagne with a little cake! Who wants to help me convince her :) Don't forget to give her a huge happy birthday hug on July 20th!

#2 What were working on

With vacation coming up next week, our schedule is FULL, and I mean fully booked. We are working so hard to get everything done before we both head out of town. It's crazy how far we've come in such a short time but we couldn't be more grateful. We are starting a Senior project! WHAT!!! When I first started working with Marggie (only 6 months ago) we had BIG dreams, were both visionaries, but I never thought it would happen so soon. We are so ready! We have a few senior models already but if you know anyone that's going to be a senior in 2023 we would love it if you had them contact us! Marggie specializes in Newborn and maternity, but we both love families and kiddos of all ages. I am going to be shooting seniors here pretty soon and I can't wait! This journey is taking us places and the skies are the limit!

We recently updated our website with a family page so you can now book just a family session if you missed some of the milestones when they were younger!

With all the new print products coming in we are redesigning our brochures. One of my favorite things is creating a graphic and then seeing the finished printed product! being able to hold something tangible that you created! Were going to have menu style brochures for print appointments in an amazing little folio booklet, so elegant :) They should be here in the next few weeks, eeeeeek!

I can't even count the amount of times I have talked about our studio remodel coming up…but we're so excited. It might not look like it but most of the frames on our walls were handmade by Marggie's amazing husband. Although they are beautiful, we are refreshing our walls with new beautiful galleries and products that are going to take your breath away. If your pictures were on our walls before, you will likely be receiving an email from us with some free professional prints :))) If you don't hear from us, feel free to reach out, we would love to hand down those gorgeous images! Our studio is looking a little messy right now due to the remodeling and preparation for the reveal of our “new” studio. You want to come to the reveal event?

#3 Ribbon cutting event

There is an event link on our Facebook page with the info for our ribbon cutting! It's going to be like the grand opening of our studio with a huge reveal of the redesign. We are going to have some sweet cupcakes from our baker (sweetly made for you) and some new BennyAni swag! This will be taking place on August 11th so make sure to stop by and say hello if you can! Obviously your littles are more than welcome to join!

#4 Best shots of the week

We had an amazing week that was nothing short of exciting! Here's some of our favorite session shots! The behind the scenes moments can always be found on our Instagram reels! Some of the funniest moments take place behind the scenes!

Family photoshoot at bennyani rooftop
Family photoshoot

We love going out to the rooftop but its all white out there! When the sun is shining you will practically go blind. We spent most of this session waiting for clouds and playing weird hand games to pass the time :) These moments are my fav for getting to know our clients! Pretty sure Jenny is double jointed!

Girly rustic cake smash set at bennyani photography
Fav Cake Smash set

We spent so much time trying to figure out a set for miss Hazel, we love their family but mom is quite indecisive. We totally get it, thats what im here for! I love getting some ideas and then using my creative skills to put something cute together. Thankfully, momma loved the set and we cant wait to see them printed :)

Maternity photoshoot at bennyani rooftop
Fav Maternity

The end of watch me grow sessions are so hard, some of our favorite humans leave us and then come back years later with another babe. This gorgeous momma is back for round 2 and this time its a little girl! We cant wait to see you every few months again! I think dads right, you should probably have 4 ;)

six month photoshoot at bennyani watch me grow rooftop set
Fav Finland fam

The first time we met this sweet little Minea was when she was first born and her mom and dad had just moved from finland! Her grandma came to the session and told us all about her journey to the US and stopping in paris for a layover. We finally got to meet this amazing dad and we cant wait to see them again!

Six month session with firefighter dad at bennyani
Dads a firefighter!

We did this special pose with dad for their first kiddo and obviously we had to do it again! It was so funny, dad brought his extra gear (that sits in the station garage) and boy did it smell like gasoline. We couldnt stop laughing when mom was trying to protect us all from the fumes. We love this fam!

newborn photography at bennyani prop shot
Fav newborn bonnet

This sweet Rainbow baby was a sleepy, squishy dream. Just a perfect little model for our favorite bonnet! We always let the parents chose a stuffy for this shot, some of them have the best matching bonnets! Marggie and I love bonnets but they aren't everyones thing. Whenever we get a chance we always recommend this little elephant combo!

cake smash donut theme at bennyani photography
The struggle of being so cute

Miss Rena is so sweet and has the best family! They say third times the charm, if you read our other blogs, you know what Im talking about. The first time, I popped the special "ONE" balloons... I wanted to cry a little. The second time, I didn't take the cake out of the freezer early enough and it was rock solid. We learn best from our mistakes, right? Through all of that, we got the most perfect shots of her session! This one is my favorite because it shows how close we can keep parents and give kiddos breaks when they need it. Its not easy to be a model :)


I know this is a lot of information but its always hard for me to contain my excitement. Thanks for being a part of our journey and we cant wait for whats in store. Thank you for helping us get to where we are now, we appreciate you so much! Hopefully the term listicle makes more sense now :)

Check out our website and social media so you can see more info as these big days approach!

Instagram: @bennyani_photography

Facebook: BennyAni Photography

Contact us:

Happy Friday, enjoy your beautiful weekend!

Xoxo, Marki

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